October 14, 2018

Movie & TV Marathons

Movie & TV Marathons

In addition to my work as a teacher and a writer, I’m also a big fan of films and television. Occasionally, for almost no reason at all, I’ll watch a bunch of movies organized around a particular genre, topic, country, theme, style, etc. Or I might binge-watch a TV show just for the fun of it. Here’s where I write about such movie and television marathons. Click on the links below to find some of my thoughts about these various works. The marathon list will continue to update as I complete new ones. Thanks for reading!

Marathon: Pre-1970s Horror Films (10/31/2018)

Marathon: Deadwood Season 1 (6/17/2019)

Marathon: MCU Films Phases 1-3 (7/15/2019)

Marathon: Arnold Schwarzenegger Films (10/11/2019)

Marathon: Star Trek vs. Star Wars (10/9/2020)