June 18, 2016

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


PhD English – Creative Writing (2013-2017)
Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)
Dissertation: “Four Films: Poems”
Doctoral Prospectus: “Moving in the Dark: A Critical Introduction to Cinepoetics”
Committee: Nancy Eimers (chair), William Olsen, Daneen Wardrop, & Heather Addison
Specializations: Contemporary Poetry, British Romanticism, Critical Theory, Poetry and Film, Comics and Comics Theory, & Horror Literature

MFA Creative Writing – Poetry (2010-2013)
The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
Thesis: “Savage Euphony: Poems”
Committee: Henri Cole (chair) & Andrew Hudgins
Specializations: Contemporary Poetry & Film Studies

MA English – Literature (2007-2010)
The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Thesis: “Kindred Ambivalence: Art and the Adult-Child Dynamic in America’s Cold War”
Committee: Frederick Whiting (chair), Andrew Huebner, & Stephen Schneider
Specializations: Modern American Literature & American Coming-of-Age Stories

BA English – Literature (2002-2006)
Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN)
Thesis: “Gathering to a Greatness: Reading and Hearing Gerard Manley Hopkins”
Adviser: Matthew Hearn
Minor: Biblical Studies

Teaching Experience

Creative Writing Fellow in Poetry (2017-Present)
Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
— ENGCW379W: Special Topics: Poetry & Sport (1 section)
— ENGCW371RW: Intermediate Poetry (1 section)
— ENGCW271W: Introduction to Poetry Writing (4 sections)

Graduate Teaching Associate (2013-2017)
Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)
— ENGL3670: Advanced Poetry: 20th Century African-American Poetry (1 section)
— ENGL3210: American Literature II, 1865-Present (1 section)
— ENGL2660: Writing Fiction & Poetry Workshop (2 sections)
— ENGL1100: Literary Interpretation: Comics & Comics Theory (1 section)
— ENGL1050: Freshman Composition (1 section)
— ENGL3310 (Practicum): British Literature II, 1750-Present (1 section)
— ENGL3210 (Practicum): American Literature II, 1865-Present (1 section)

Graduate Teaching Associate (2010-2013)
The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
— EN367.03: Documentary & Mockumentary Film (1 section)
— EN367.01: Language, Culture, & Identity in the U.S. Experience (1 section)
— EN305: Technical Writing (1 section)
— EN304: Business Writing (1 section)
— EN266: Introduction to Poetry Workshop (1 section)
— EN110.01: Freshman Composition (3 sections)
— EN266 (Practicum): Introduction to Poetry Workshop (1 section)

Poetry Faculty (2012)
The Young Writers Workshop (Columbus, OH)
— Introduction to Poetry: High-School Poetry Workshop (3 sections)

Graduate Teaching Associate (2008-2010)
University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)
— EN206: British Literature II, 1750-Present (1 section)
— EN102: Research & Argumentation (2 sections)
— EN101: Freshman Composition (6 sections)

Interim English Instructor (2007)
White House Christian Academy (White House, TN)
— High-School English (2 sections)
— Middle-School English (3 sections)

Honors & Awards

— Semifinalist, The Sunken Garden Poetry Prize (for Big Man). 2018.
— Finalist, The National Poetry Series Book Prize (for Four Films). 2017.
— Semifinalist, Gold Wake Press Open Reading Period (for Savage Euphony). 2017.
— Finalist, Black Lawrence Press St. Lawrence Book Award for Poetry (for Four Films). 2016.
— Semifinalist, The Zone 3 First Book Award (for Savage Euphony). 2016.
— Winner, Galligan Memorial Award in American Literature, Western Michigan University. 2016.
— Winner, Pushcart Prize (for “Love Poem”). 2015.
— Finalist, The National Poetry Series Book Prize (for Savage Euphony). 2015.
— Finalist, The Gwen Frostic Poetry Award. 2014-2015.
— Semifinalist, The Crab Orchard Review First Book Prize (for Savage Euphony). 2014.
— Semifinalist, The Brittingham & Pollak Poetry Prizes (for Savage Euphony). 2014.
— Winner, Best of the Net (for “Junk”). 2013.
— Nomination, The AWP Intro Journals Award. 2013.
— Runner-Up, The Academy of American Poets Award. 2012.
— Runner-Up, The Vandewater Poetry Prize. 2012.
— Nomination, The University of Alabama Outstanding Teaching by a Master’s Student Award. 2010.
— Magna Cum Laude, Lipscomb University. 2006.

Editorial Experience

Poetry Reader (2017-Present)
Nightjar Review (Memphis, TN)
— Read and assess poetry submissions via online submission system.
— Submit online paperwork to editors, providing recommendations for publication.
— Aid n the selection of contest poetry judge and in processing contest submissions.

Poetry Reviewer (2016)
The Hilltop Review (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Read and assessed poetry submissions for university’s academic and literary journal, featuring critical and creative work by graduate students in various disciplines.
— Submitted proper paperwork to editors, providing recommendations for publication.

Poetry Editor & Associate Poetry Editor (2013-2015)
Third Coast (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Selected poetry content via online submissions system.
— Managed submissions review process for associate and assistant poetry editors.
— Provided the staff with updates on issue content in the poetry genre.
— Collaborated with poetry co-editor to organize and proofread each issue.
— Corresponded with submitters and contributors regarding queries and concerns.
— Organized yearly poetry contest by selecting judge and contest readers.
— Aided other genres in processing excess submissions and improving efficiency.
— Promoted past, current, and forthcoming contributors via journal’s social-media.
— Developed new staffing descriptions, advised faculty on journal hires, and trained incoming staff members on journal responsibilities and processes.

Poetry Editor, Associate Poetry Editor, & Reader (2010-2013)
The Journal (Columbus, OH)
— Selected print and digital content via online and print submissions systems.
— Managed publishing contracts with contributors, collecting bios and permissions.
— Conducted interviews with past and present contributors for the journal’s blog.
— Responded to submitters regarding genre-specific queries and concerns.
— Helped organize the yearly poetry contest and the selection of the poetry judge.
— Worked with editorial staff to attain an Ohio Arts Grant.
— Selected poetry to nominate for various awards and anthologies, including The Pushcart PrizeBest of the Net, and others.
— Collaborated with associate editors to organize and proofread each issue.

Chapbook Selection Assistant (2009-2010)
Blue Hour Press (Lawrence, KS)
— Read and evaluated poetry chapbook submissions.
— Conversed electronically with other staff members to provide recommendations to editors regarding which chapbooks to publish online.
— Aided editorial staff in publishing of chapbooks by Andrew Zawacki, Emily Kendal Frey, Nick Courtright, John Gallaher, Brooklyn Copeland, and others.

Associate Poetry Editor (2008-2009)
Black Warrior Review (Tuscaloosa, AL)
— Read and evaluated poetry content via print submission system.
— Attended regular staff meetings, collaborating with other poetry readers to provide recommendations to editors regarding which works to publish in the print journal.
— Reviewed poetry collections for the journal’s website.

Poetry & Prose Selection Assistant (2004-2006)
Exordium (Nashville, TN)
— Read and evaluated poetry and prose content for university’s burgeoning journal, featuring creative writing by undergraduate students.
— Attended staff meetings, collaborating with editors to select poetry and fiction for publication in the print version of the journal.
— Promoted the new journal in class to raise awareness among the student body.

Coordinating Experience

Poets-in-Print Reading Series Coordinator (2014-2017)
The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Organized, scheduled, marketed, and executed local community-based reading series seeking to encourage intersections between visual and literary arts, featuring such acclaimed poets as Diane Seuss, Kathy Fagan, Sarah Messer, Daniela Olszewska, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Iliana Rocha, Christopher Kempf, Rochelle Hurt, and others.
— Operated costs within allotted book arts center budgetary constraints.
— Collaborated with book arts center staff and artists to ensure creation of original, unique broadsides for each visiting author’s work.
— Hired and supervised student-intern staff to work on promotion and execution of reading series events.

Curriculum Development Coordinator (2013-2017)
Western Michigan University Writing Center (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Collaborated with the center’s director, assistant director, and writing consultants to create original handouts and materials on topics as varied as standardized testing prep, resume and cover-letter genres, and common grammatical/syntactical issues.
— Developed content for the center’s new website, which provides updated resources and information to the center’s students, faculty, staff, and community clientele.
— Helped faculty members develop effective writing prompts and assessments.
— Created the center’s eLearning page to serve as an online compendium of teaching resources and materials for the center’s writing consultants.
— Aided in the training of new writing consultants each semester.

Assistant Coordinator (2015-2016)
Western Michigan University Creative Writing Program (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Organized, scheduled, marketed, and executed the Gwen Frostic Reading Series, featuring nationally recognized poets, prose-writers, and playwrights like Gerald Stern, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Richard Siken, Claire Vaye Watkins, Traci Brimhall, Geronimo Johnson, Cathy Park Hong, Ana Castillo, and others.
— Advertised submission, internship, grant, and employment opportunities to the creative-writing students and alumni via email and program’s social-media.
— Collaborated with departmental support staff to operate according to university guidelines and within budgetary constraints.
— Aided in the pedagogical training of new graduate associates in creative writing.
— Provided administrative support for student travel-scholarship processes and student award-nomination processes.

Student Office Coordinator (2011-2013)
The Ohio State University English Department (Columbus, OH)
— Maintained cleanliness, supply-stocking, and organization of student office in order to improve the office experience for graduate students in the English Department.
— Answered office-related questions from graduate students and ensured the updated schedule of office-hours for the graduate associates was posted each semester.
— Attended departmental meetings to discuss topics related to office assignments and space limitations.

Assistant Director (2008)
University of Alabama Writing Center (Tuscaloosa, AL)
— Assisted with the management of the center staff, including scheduling.
— Updated the center’s website and consultant handbook content.
— Provided online tutorials for distance-learning clients.

Research Assistant Experience

Research Assistant (2014)
Western Michigan University English Department (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Assisted Dr. Gwen Tarbox on her research regarding clear-line style in the works of comics artist Herge (specifically his Tintin series) and the use of violence therein, which culminated in the published article entitled “Voiceprints of Violence in the Comics of Herge and Gene Luen Yang” in The Comics of Herge.

Research Assistant (2007-2008)
University of Alabama English Department (Tuscaloosa, AL)
— Aided Dr. Emily Ondine Wittman in the procurement of various materials, books, and documents (via the university library, interlibrary loan, etc.) for her research on French feminist writers and theorists, Modernist travel narratives, and translations.

Tutoring Experience

Writing Consultant (2013-2017)
Western Michigan University Writing Center (Kalamazoo, MI)
— Participated regularly in training modules designed to improve and practice writing center theory and to explore potential new methodologies for serving clients.
— Conducted consultations with undergraduate students, graduate students, university staff, community members, student-athletes, standardized test-takers, and English-language learners on the various stages of the writing process and across various disciplines and rhetorical contexts.
— Attended writing center conferences, presenting on timely and relevant writing center topics, issues, and concerns.
— Maintained careful consultation files in both electronic and paper formats.

Writing Consultant (2007-2008)
University of Alabama Writing Center (Tuscaloosa, AL)
— Attended intensive pre-semester workshop in order to expand my knowledge of writing center pedagogy and to gain experience work with different students.
— Conducted writing consultations with undergraduate students, graduate students, and English-language learners on various stages of the writing process and across various disciplines and rhetorical contexts.
— Maintained consultation records using the center’s electronic scheduling system.

Writing Consultant (2004-2006)
Lipscomb University Writing Center (Nashville, TN)
— Conducted writing consultations with undergraduate students on various stages of the writing process, primarily on English Department essay assignments.
— Maintained careful consultation records, documenting student growth.