Director Retrospective: Kathryn Bigelow

Director Retrospective: Kathryn Bigelow For the next part of my ongoing Director Retrospective project (where I watch and then review the works of directors with at least 10 films), we finally have the opportunity to consider something that I’ve been wanting to for awhile — i.e. the filmography of a female director.  In this case, Read more about Director Retrospective: Kathryn Bigelow[…]

Director Retrospective: Guillermo del Toro

Director Retrospective: Guillermo del Toro After a break for traveling and visiting family and not watching many movies, it’s time for another retrospective in my ongoing project.  And hot off the heels of declaring his most recent film as my favorite of 2017 (so far) and his win for “Best Director” at the Golden Globes, Read more about Director Retrospective: Guillermo del Toro[…]

Director Retrospective: Hayao Miyazaki

Director Retrospective: Hayao Miyazaki So…for this next installment of my ongoing “Director Retrospective” project, we’re doing something a bit different.  Per a suggestion from a friend of mine, we’re looking at (a.) a foreign-film director, (b.) an animated-film director, & (c.) a director whose work I was totally unfamiliar with.  [Actually…I’d seen one of his movies Read more about Director Retrospective: Hayao Miyazaki[…]

Director Retrospective: David Fincher

Director Retrospective: David Fincher After the mega-sized previous installment on the work of Billy Wilder, I thought that I’d try something a bit easier this time by looking at a director with a smaller filmography and one whose works I’ve seen several times before.  Moreover, as it turns out, I also just recently watched the Read more about Director Retrospective: David Fincher[…]

Director Retrospective: Billy Wilder

Director Retrospective: Billy Wilder After doing a few retrospectives on talented and/or influential directors with smaller catalogs, I decided to watch and write about a very prolific director — one who created some of the best examples and most enduring films in a couple different genres and who garnered immense respect during his lifetime for Read more about Director Retrospective: Billy Wilder[…]