Director Retrospective: Stanley Kubrick

Director Retrospective: Stanley Kubrick For this installment of my ongoing “Director Retrospective” project, I thought that I’d try to tackle a director who many film critics, historians, and fans consider to be one of the greatest — perhaps THE greatest — director of all time, a man whose career encompasses nearly 50 years of challenging Read more about Director Retrospective: Stanley Kubrick[…]

Director Retrospective: Kevin Smith

Director Retrospective: Kevin Smith For my last director retrospective, I looked at the work of a director (John Carpenter) who I associate with the 1980s. ┬áSo for this retrospective, I thought it might be interesting to revisit the films of a director that I mostly associate with the 1990s: ┬áKevin Smith. The Big List So Read more about Director Retrospective: Kevin Smith[…]